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Welcome to DeathWynds!!

Welcome to DeathWynds!We are a level 25 guild on Ravenholdt Realm/World of Warcraft.We PVP,PVE,and RP.We are currently looking to fill in our ranks and build raiding groups & arena teams.

Our Credo

I will honor the guild by acting in a manor that speaks of our kindness, I will refrain from activities that would dishonor the guild, and I will honor the requests of the officers and managers. I will fight my opponents with honor, giving them a fair fight. I will not spawn camp, grief, cheat, or harass my opponents. I will encourage them to fight and win my battles with the highest of honors.Although killing Horde can be fabulously fun we shall try to do it in a fast and efficient manor.

I will respect those around me both within the guild and outside, I will act in a manor which speaks of our benevolence and kindness, and I will not disrespect the guild by engaging in spiteful comments or actions even when provoked.

I will hold our guild's Integrity close to heart and I realize that my actions directly effect that of the whole guild. I will say what I do, and do what I say. I will not fall back on promises or make false claims.

I will meet others with open arms and welcome those who cross our path. I will act in a welcoming way and ensure that those who participate in our events feel welcome whether they are part of the guild or not.

Our Etiquette Guideline:

Think We Not Me (Push Vs Pull)
When asking for help from the Guild try to avoid wording your request as such that you are asking someone to do the work for you. A statement such as "Can someone help me with this quest?" is a request, it pushes your objective on others, however a by rewording your statement to "I am organizing a group for this quest, If you are interested let me know." you create an invitation, which pulls members of similar interest to you. Both mean the exact same thing however one expresses that you are looking out for your guild and not just for yourself. This in turn will encourage shared adventures. After all, a guild is not about you or I, it's about us.

Play How You Want, When You Want, As Long As You Want
Our guild is a casual gaming guild and with this we do not tell people how to play, when to play, or how long to play. Our members are free to come and go as they please without the fear of exile or grudges being bore. They can play as much or as little as they like.

Conversation & Mumble
The synergy of a guild can turn ugly at any moment. Conversation within the guild chat & Mumble needs to have clear boundaries to prevent bad blood and hostile attitudes from forming. We ask that all members keep the Mumble and guild chat child safe until after 9PM Pacific. We have a lot of families that game together and we do not wish to cause heartache.We do have members that are under 18 and we would like to respect that their families can know they are here performing in a safe environment.So it is up to us to maintain ourselves in an orderly fashion as adults.

In addition please refrain from discussing religion, politics, and other heated debate prone topics. We do not need unnecessary divides within the guild. Trolling is strictly forbidden.
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